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About Great Pacific Seafoods, Inc

Great Pacific Seafoods Inc is a processor of premium, high quality, and sustainable wild Alaskan seafood products. From our processing facilities in Whittier and Anchorage, AK we specialize primarily in fresh/frozen wild Salmon and Pacific Cod.

Since 1989 we have been processing the finest quality of seafood from the waters in Alaska. We process Salmon from Copper River, Prince William Sound, Kotzebue, and the Cook Inlet. Our Pacific Cod is fresh out of the Gulf of Alaska.

Our Corporate offices are in Seattle, WA.

Quality Assurance

Customers continue to come back to the Great Pacific Brand because they can count on the quality. Both our Whittier and Anchorage plants hold the highest standards to ensure only the finest wild Alaskan Seafood leaves our processing facilities. Great Pacific Seafoods Inc is HAACP Certified, MSC Certified and USD Certified.

Why Wild Alaskan Seafood?

• Nutrition
Alaska is known around the world for producing some of the most exceptional Wild Seafood products. This natural superiority is a result of a life spent swimming against the strong currents and feeding in chilly North Pacific waters. Due to these conditions, Alaska Salmon has a richer color, firmer texture, and Wild Alaskan Seafood better flavor than farm raised salmon.

Those in Alaska have known of the rich nutritional benefits that Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood offer and now the rest of the world is catching on. A diet rich in Omega 3’s, low in fat, and high in protein is proven to provide many health benefits. Wild Alaskan Seafood boasts just that.

• Sustainability
Alaska has taken great measures to ensure that Wild Alaskan Seafood is fresh, pure, and around for thousands of years to come. They are the only state to actually write conservation laws into their constitution. Great Pacific Seafoods is just as passionate about sustaining the Alaska fishing industry and fully supports the State of Alaska’s creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to protect and conduct research on Wild Alaskan Seafood.

Find out what Alaska is doing to sustain Wild Alaskan Salmon and other Seafood.

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